A small collection of links to some nice, CG-related websites.
They are all interesting, enjoyable and amazing places, and all of them are special for me in one way or another.
I want to thank their creators, collaborators and visitors for their work and contribution to the world of graphic design

(Check it out once in a while, I may be adding new sites)



This is a really great site! I can sometimes spend hours, and I mean HOURS, surfing through the stunning portfolios within it. Here's my little space in there



Another cool website. Although this one is maybe more focused on 2D works and photography, I have also a tiny room here with some of my 3D stuff

deviantart Ballistic

Ballistic Publishing


Ballistic books are full of fine art. You can buy high quality stuff here, but the nice thing is you can also submit your artwork in order for it to be included in one of their books. And I was so lucky my Thunderbird got featured in Exposé 7, page 218

Rainfall Films


A very fresh site, with a really nice and talented team. Visual effects, motion graphics, original music & sound design...
This was the first studio to get interested in some of my work so... it's only natural I have this huge place in my heart for it :)

rainfall Teapot

Teapot Estudios


A great Cordovan studio dedicated to computer graphics and 3D design. Their next proyect, Jara & Nestor, a children's TV series, is going to be something great...

Jara & Nestor


A really cool and special cartoon series full of positive values like ecology or sensitivity toward people with disabilites. Follow them on Facebook and help this thrilling proyect come true.