iPod nano White Gold (2009 Limited Edition)

If you have spent the last years in orbit around Saturn, you probably won't know about one of the most acclaimed mp3 players in the world. Of course I'm talking about that little beast known as iPod...
This is my personal vision of the 1st generation iPod nano, released in 2005-2006. Let's say this Special Edition would be a 2009 tribute to the 2006 launching, using some noble metals and the latest advances in data storage (imho, the 1st generation iPod design has not still been beaten by its predecessors).
Just for the record, I'm not getting anything advertising this brand, I just felt like experimenting with some nice product visualization in Maya... :). That's right, just for the heck of it. That said, I have to tell you something... this is a great mp3 player!!! :D
And... yes, the song it's allegedly playing is an actual one, not released commercially, but something I made back in 2002 -no lyrics, just music- with the nice digital audio workstation Fuity Loops (currently known as FL studio). In fact you can listen to the whole album right here, right now, in the jukebox at the bottom of this page... (move the little white bar in the player to access the 13 songs). You can also listen to it in the 2d stuff/ composition/ 'son crepúsculos' section, where you can also enjoy the CD covers I made for it...

iPod nano by Apple ©


01. This is a fictitious iPod nano model, it is not an actual representation nor does this '2009 Limited Edition' exist in the real market. It is based on the first generation iPod.

02. At no time was, is or will be mi intention to obtain any kind of profit from the making of these images.

03. Apple Computer Inc. is not related at all with this website, and doesn't support nor disapproves its existence.

04. The Apple Logo and iPod nano are trademarks of Apple Computers Inc. All rights reserved.

blue backlighted nano-wheel lateral view jack plug (3.5mm) earphones general view back view back view [detail] top view wires and connectors bottom view screen [detail] slimmer than Valeria Mazza wireframe wireframe to shaded shaded