Vector based design

Same as the other categories in this section, this one does not contain lots of works, but I wanted to make sure I included all of them in the Mental Room. Hopefully I will be filling it with nice stuff quite soon...
Actually, and just like the 'Compositions' below, this one was just created to include something very specific, in this case an image I made in Illustrator for the prefects' bathroom, but I have the sense vectorial drawing is going to be kind of addictive...



This is probably the section that covers the widest variety of works: photo retouching, montages, or any 2D product that is not created using vectors or traditionally / digitally hand-drawn. It's also true that this is one of the emptiest in the Mental Room, at least for the time being (I may have to change this paragraph soon) but right now Maya has really absorbed all my attention (actually this section was just created to include a composition I made in 2002, of which I'm sort of fond).