son crepúsculos (the twilights album)

I started messing around a little bit with my computer between January and April 2002, with the pattern-based music sequencer Fruity Loops (now known as FL Studio) and this was the result. What started being a "let's see what this little piece of software is about" turned to be a "wow!, look the nice stuff you can do with this!" and ended being a bunch of nice passable songs that (in spite of me being the author) I keep listening to every now and then... so here they go, these 13 dark twilights that form the album...

Acknowledgements. OK, so being me the one and only person implied in the production of the whole album, it's hard to make a long 'thanks to' list, but I do want to dedicate a couple of lines to the buddy that told me about Fruity Loops and later made a remix of one of the tracks (terror en Kamchatka): Hey Fran, greetings from the Mental Room!

Just one more thing. This album is NOT inspired or has anything to do with NO actual book or movie whatsoever. :)

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